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iPhone X preorder

Happy new iPhone preorders eve! On 12AM pacific standard time tomorrow, preorders for the iPhone X goes live. I've got everything setup and ready to go. Apple makes it surprisingly easy for those of us in the iPhone Upgrade Program. I'm already pre-approved for the new lease and have selected the particular model I want (256GB in silver). All I have to do come midnight is open the app and click the link at the top. 

There's plenty of talk - as usual - about how little initial supply there will be of the iPhone X. Certainly there's reason to believe it when you look at the phone itself: first time Apple has gone with OLED displays, and ditching the Touch ID sensor with an entirely new fascial recognition Face ID system. It's highly complicated, and one wouldn't fault Apple for having difficulties producing its usual quantities. Speculations abound that supply will be so tight that one would consider himself lucky if he gets an iPhone X this side of New Years 2018.

I'm of the opinion that supplies of the iPhone X will be no worse than any other year; for the past two years I've gotten new iPhones on launch day no issues. Apple is launching the new phone simultaneously in 55 countries, which leads me to believe they are confident demand can be met. Otherwise wouldn't you think they'd restrict to far fewer countries at launch?

Nevertheless, god speed, fellow iPhone X preorder people. It's the most wonderful time of the year.