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I try KonMari method

I spent this past weekend cleaning out my room in accordance to the KonMari method. I tossed away anything that I haven't used in the past year, and for things of sentiment/ornament, I kept only those that "sparked joy." Following those restrictions led to quite the production, as I literally spent the entire Saturday sorting and collating, resulting in 10 trash-bag full of junk. My closet has never been so barren yet utterly organized. 

You know how you never realize how much stuff you've accumulated until you need to move? The KonMari method does the same thing, only this time instead of moving the stuff to a new place, much of the stuff is headed for the trash-bin. Of the 10 trash-bags I threw out, three was clothing, which is amazing because I've always thought I skew towards the frugal side when it comes to clothing allowances. Turns out even someone like me who seldom buy clothes can still end up with three bags worth of items not worn in the past 12 months. 

Packing for travel will be much easier, because nearly all the clothing I now own can fit inside the 29-inch roller bag. 

A room that's gone through the KonMari tidying method is absolutely transformative. When I woke up on Sunday morning after laboring all day Saturday, there was a strangeness to the room that I've never felt before. It had the impression of the halfway point between my room of old and a freshly-cleaned hotel room. It was a new strange, but it felt instantly comfortable and inviting. Everything single item within the room, without reservation, elicited a positive interaction/reaction, and for me that's the ultimate magic of KonMari method. 

Henceforth I shall be much more deliberate in keeping things that don't make me happy away from my room.