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I probably should have rested

For the longest time when I got hurt or sick I'd still power through that stuff and did what needed to be done - like exercising. I took it as a badge of honor to do a workout whilst say carrying a cold. Pain is just weakness leaving the body, right?

Actually it isn't: pain is the body telling you to give it a rest until it stops hurting. Ignoring it isn't awesome or cool, rather it is completely stupid, and usually exacerbates the problem. I found that out this past weekend.

Last Friday I developed the beginnings of a cold which blossomed fully on Saturday. I was in no energy to do much of anything but the chores and errands I'd planned for the weekend was constantly in mind. I detested that I got sick because it was putting me behind my self-defined schedule. 

So on Sunday, feeling marginally better, no more lounging around: I washed the car, went grocery shopping, vacuumed the house, did some studying, and played GT Sport (see picture below). Due to the cold I was feeling hotter than normal so I sweated a ton through it all. 

Sunday night rolled around and I wasn't feeling any worse, so I thought I was home free as usual. How wrong was I because I woke up this morning feeling not as good as the third day of a simple cold should be. I totally should have rested on Sunday like I did Saturday, but hubris and responsibilities (more former than the latter) told me I had to get a move on.  

I don't plan to be sick often but next time I will for sure take it as easiest as possible. Normalcy like errands and activities will truly have to wait until I get back to 100%. This aging 30 year old body demands it.  

A personal-best Nordschleife lap driving the Ferrari 458 Italia (sports medium tyre) in GT Sport. 

A personal-best Nordschleife lap driving the Ferrari 458 Italia (sports medium tyre) in GT Sport.