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Boring Super Bowl was boring

Well, that was bit of snoozer, wasn’t it? I’ve been watching the Super Bowl since the ill-fated trashing the Oakland Raiders received at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in 2003, and I cannot think of another game that was less entertaining than the one played last night.

If I’d watch the game by my lonesome, I seriously would have wished to have those four hours back.

But of course I didn’t watch it alone; a huge joy of the Super Bowl is hanging out with friends and or family, and indeed that time spent together is worth its weight in gold, no matter how utterly disinteresting the game may be. Because the game comes secondary, especially when the two teams playing in the Super Bowl are not of your particular rooting interest.

So I had a splendid time chatting with friends, eating some fried chicken, and debating the sordid details of the many Super Bowl commercials (the Microsoft one was the absolute best). I was semi actively rooting against the Patriots because haters are going to hate the most excellent team of this century, but I’m not overtly disappointed at the end result.

If the game could have just been a bit more exciting, honestly.

Best quote of the night award goes to Rams offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth; after the surely displeasing lost in the Super Bowl, he threw out this particular golden nugget:

“At the end of the day, we’re all gonna die.”

Memento mori. Death is the greatest equalizer ever invented. No matter the volume of achievement or depths of downtrodden, it is absolutely guaranteed that we will all end up in the same place: dead. Neither you or I are superior or inferior in that regard. It’s not morbid thinking, but rather motivation to continue on living, no matter the circumstances, like losing the biggest game of your career.

Keep calm and carry on, as the British like to say.

Vine star.

Vine star.

A productive weekend

I'm proud to say this past weekend was much more productive than the one before. I somewhat successfully avoided the Youtube blackhole and got some proper work done. There were two specific moments where I was at the crossroad of action or inaction and happily I chose the former. 

First of those tasks was putting together a new photowalk article on the Presidio Main Parade Grounds. I'd already edit the photographs a few weeks back but have been procrastinating on posting up the content. Saturday afternoon rolled around and I was desperately close to forsaking it to yet another week. Just as I was ready to watch more Youtube video, I opened the folder containing the pictures for a bit slight peek and then momentum surprisingly took over. Next thing I knew I was hours deep into composition and editing the article.  

The forward progress and dopamine hit of accomplishment must have spilled over to the next day because on the agenda was changing the oil on my father's car. Once again I was dangerously close to letting it slide to the following week until I thought about how awesome it felt to finish the photowalk post on Saturday and it'd be lovely to experience it again when I'm done with the oil service. The sun was beating down (one of the rare sunny Summer days in San Francisco) but out came the tools and half an hour later dad's Toyota Corolla is filled with fresh golden-colored motor oil. 

It's interesting indeed how completing a task begets positive momentum for the next. Just as laziness tends to breed further lethargy, I want to constantly feel good and productive so I keep on executing tasks one after the other. It's a continuous game of "what's next?" One thing I'm super proud of this summer is the consistency in writing my daily blog posts Monday through Friday every week. 

I've had a incredibly busy day at work today yet here I am at home spending the half hour or so typing out these words. I could easily not do that and watch videos on Youtube, but I mustn't break the streak; because I'm done writing this post now and it feels wonderful. 

Freshly buffed and squeeky clean. 

Freshly buffed and squeeky clean. 

The Youtube blackhole

This past weekend was one of those where attempts at productivity was futile. I succumbed and collapsed into the Youtube blackhole and spent much of the days watching car videos. The doldrums of mid-summer and the laziness it breeds is strange and potent indeed.

This was the second consecutive weekend where I sat on my ass in front of the iMac for much of it, though it wasn’t a complete failure: through the haze of idleness I still managed to get in a workout, finished reading a book (Ray Dalio’s Principles), and edited photographs from a shoot a few weeks earlier. 

That’s right, even on weekends where I take a vacation from my responsibilities I am unable to commit fully. My conscience wouldn’t allow such blasphemy like it did back in college. Even for super productive people (as I like to think of myself), a proper weekend off is a net positive: it clears the mind and put things into perspective.

What's important when we run into these fits of laziness is not to reprimand ourselves for the supposed fault and instead be ready to get back after it in short time. That’s what Mondays are for.

Monday is attack mode. I love Mondays.

Amongst the unproductiveness I managed to squeeze in a movie as well, and it’s one I haven’t watched in a very long time: Titanic. It used to be my favorite film back when it first released in 1997 and I was but a kid not yet in teenage. I remember fondly the multitude of hours spent at the local library (Internet access wasn't a thing for most people back then, kids) soaking up any and all information I can find about the famous ship. 

Strange then with my fascination with ships that twenty years later I still haven’t yet gone on a cruise, or even visited the Queen Mary that’s berthed in Long Beach. Time to remedy both situation rather soon, I reckon.

Titanic (the movie) may be two decades old but the computer graphics in the film still holds up. It’s a testament to James Cameron’s singular vision and perfectionist artistry, and a sad commentary on the state of CG in today's cinema in which they can’t even convincingly remove a mustache off Henry Cavill’s face

What are the chances I conk out for a third weekend in a row? I guess I'll find out. 

Surprised to find artificial turf used on the campus recreation fields. I guess they couldn't be bothered with maintained real grass. 

Surprised to find artificial turf used on the campus recreation fields. I guess they couldn't be bothered with maintained real grass. 

I probably should have rested

For the longest time when I got hurt or sick I'd still power through that stuff and did what needed to be done - like exercising. I took it as a badge of honor to do a workout whilst say carrying a cold. Pain is just weakness leaving the body, right?

Actually it isn't: pain is the body telling you to give it a rest until it stops hurting. Ignoring it isn't awesome or cool, rather it is completely stupid, and usually exacerbates the problem. I found that out this past weekend.

Last Friday I developed the beginnings of a cold which blossomed fully on Saturday. I was in no energy to do much of anything but the chores and errands I'd planned for the weekend was constantly in mind. I detested that I got sick because it was putting me behind my self-defined schedule. 

So on Sunday, feeling marginally better, no more lounging around: I washed the car, went grocery shopping, vacuumed the house, did some studying, and played GT Sport (see picture below). Due to the cold I was feeling hotter than normal so I sweated a ton through it all. 

Sunday night rolled around and I wasn't feeling any worse, so I thought I was home free as usual. How wrong was I because I woke up this morning feeling not as good as the third day of a simple cold should be. I totally should have rested on Sunday like I did Saturday, but hubris and responsibilities (more former than the latter) told me I had to get a move on.  

I don't plan to be sick often but next time I will for sure take it as easiest as possible. Normalcy like errands and activities will truly have to wait until I get back to 100%. This aging 30 year old body demands it.  

A personal-best Nordschleife lap driving the Ferrari 458 Italia (sports medium tyre) in GT Sport. 

A personal-best Nordschleife lap driving the Ferrari 458 Italia (sports medium tyre) in GT Sport. 

Lazy sunday

Woke up early and did the usual Sunday morning run. Found out that going at a 8:3x per mile pace is just not in the cards for me yet. By the fourth mile I was struggling in spectacular fashion.

As always, it’s wonderful to see so many people on their fitness grind. Even if they’ve only got time to exercise on the weekends, it’s very much worth it isn’t it. Always treat and take care of yourself first; the other stuff will follow. Not so good having lots of money in the bank when you suffering from heart diseases now is it?

Stay fit; you owe it to yourself.