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Airpods are more robust that they look

Airpods, these wonderful little things are so comfortably inconspicuous in feel that it's often easy to forget I am wearing them (never mind for a moment the disconnect about music playing in my ears should make it obvious). When that happens it can get dangerous - for the Airpods. 

This morning I was washing up listening to music as usual. When I went to wash my face with a towel I forgot I had the Airpods on so sure enough the towel brushed the left-side pod and it tumbled into the sink-pan. The faucet was running so it got properly soaked. Dread filled me as I fish the thing out of the torrent, facing the likely possibility it was wrecked.

To replace a single Airpod costs $69 (nice) from Apple. 

I grabbed a can of compressed air (those are always convenient to have around the home) and proceeded to blast through the orifices and apertures on the soaked Airpod. Plenty of water came out, which was more evidence the thing was probably a goner. 

Not waiting for the thing to dry completely (stupid move in hindsight), I stuck the Airpods back into my ears to test it out. To my utter surprise the soaked piece still works, with no degradation whatsoever! These brittle looking things have turned out to be quite robust. Prior to today's folly I've also dropped the Airpods many times (from standing height to concrete, no less), and they've yet to fail or even look worse for the wear. 

Whether it be good luck or otherwise, kudos to Apple for making surprisingly durable product. 

I love it when B&H sends their massive catalog goodies. 

I love it when B&H sends their massive catalog goodies.