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Overheard in the Library hallway

The hallway outside my work office is a busy part of the Library with plenty of foot traffic. Whenever it's Finals time the conversations and exclamations I overhear are super interesting. For one it's incredibly easy to discern who is done with Finals and who isn't: those who are have a sunny and loud disposition to their voices.

They would smugly mock their friends for still having tests to take and needing yet another night's worth of studying. "What are you doing in the Library?" they condescendingly/jokingly ask. 

Some of those not yet finished with classes (perhaps they picked professors who hold exams on the actual week of Finals and not the week before like the cool ones) have walked down the hallway saying horrible things like how they hate this University and should've tried being famous on Instagram instead. I may have made-up the latter but on appearance being an "influencer" on social media seems quite lucrative. 

You get the few cryers as well, which always freezes me stuck between letting them get it all out and being a gentleman going out into the hallway with the box of tissue. Two weeks ago I experienced the perfect symphonic alignment of a female student crying in a concert with a baby (of another person's). You can't put a price on that, my friends. 

To those stressed with Finals: hey, it's okay. This too shall pass. Soon it'll be over, you'll survive to fight another day, and with the students gone the campus will be nice and quiet. 

Ready to play. 

Ready to play.