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Got knocked off my stringent sleep schedule

Sleep is supremely importantly to me, and having a consistent sleep schedule is paramount to my proper functioning. I go to bed and wake up at the same time every single day - no snoozing even on weekends, a habit that helps me fall asleep quickly and wake up really refreshed.

When social situations interrupt that flow, it takes quite a few days to get back into on track. Gone are the college days (man I miss those) where I can pull all-nighters with impunity. This past Friday I went to see the latest Mission Impossible film with some friends, and by doing so I completely missed my regular sleep window (11:30pm to 7:30am). I didn’t return home until well pass midnight, and wasn’t eyes shut until 2am. 

Sidebar: Mission Impossible: Fallout is a fantastic movie. Felt its length at times but the action is expectedly spectacular and the slow human bits decently executed. Tom Cruise is an action movie legend, as great as ever at age 56. Just look at this showreel of the crazy stunts he had to do for Fallout. The man truly is the Jackie Chan of American cinema. 

Anyways, by virtue go going to sleep late on Friday (or rather, early Saturday), I naturally woke up much later on Saturday morning. This created a negative cascading effect on my sleeping schedule that as of today I’m still trying to recover from. Last night I attempted to sleep at usual hour but it proved difficult and I dawdled in bed for a long time before success at rest. 

Having to wake at the usual 7:30am for work today meant I am of course tired and not at 100 percent. I resorted to buying a cup of coffee as soon as I got to work instead of waiting after breakfast as I usually do. Whatever voodoo recuperative energy I had back in college, if someone could bottle that into an ingestible vial I'd pay excellent money for it.  

Until that happens, perhaps the solution is to suck it up, take the hit, and wake up at usual time no matter when I went to bed the night before. That way I won't still be affected a few days later. 

Take me to church. 

Take me to church.