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Nice and cool over here, but

Here in San Francisco we’ve been enjoying a nice cool spell (as per our summer usual) in recent weeks, with constant fog and temperatures in the high 50s and low 60s. It's really lovely indeed, and something we pay dearly for, isn’t it? This comfortable weather is partly why housing prices are still, sadly, through the proverbial roof. For those not fan of scorching climes like me, San Francisco weather is heaven. 

I do feel slightly guilty when I see record temperatures happening in other parts of California, especially so during fire season. While we are over here relishing a hot mug of coffee and snuggled underneath a blanket, our neighbors up north in Redding is battling against raging fires. It hasn’t even been a year since the Napa fires destroyed many neighborhoods and now we’ve got another one endangering homes and lives. 

Didn’t help at all that daytime temperatures in Redding over this past weekend was in the 110s. Hell is probably hotter but what’s happening there I imagine is quite close. Major credit to the brave firefighters having to endure those conditions. That’s an enormous amount of gear to be wearing under severe heat and triple-digit weather. Heroes; all of them. 

For sure San Francisco isn’t immune to maladies of mother nature: the next big earthquake is just a matter of when. I work in building basement so I hope this new library of ours is up to earthquake standards. It’s just what we’ve had a calm run for decades now, and it’s off-putting to see other towns get ravaged whilst we enjoy nature’s air conditioning. A few weeks ago it was absolutely beaming hot all over California, with many locales hitting record temps, but here in San Francisco it was chilly and fog as usual. 

I guess I’m worried about the karmic pendulum swing that will inevitably hit us back. I really should get that emergency kit for the house together... 

The divding line. 

The divding line.