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New Lightroom is finally decent to use

In recent years I've been using the Adobe CC suite for free because San Francisco State - my employer - offers a volume license to faculty and staff. Being a hobbyist photographer I naturally only use two programs out of the many: Lightroom and Photoshop.

I got an email this past weekend from the university IT department informing me the Adobe license have expired, and those of us using CC need to register again to get the updated suite. Me being the lazy type, I decided to forgo the hassle of doing that and instead subscribed to Adobe CC personally. The Lightroom + Photoshop combo is only $10 a month, and I know for sure it'll be updated much faster than the university account on future major releases. 

Besides, can't say for sure I'll be working at the same place anyways. 

So out goes Lightroom CC 2015, and in comes the renamed Lightroom Classic CC. Adobe have promised earlier this year it'll focus on performance in future CC updates, and to my utter surprise, the new Lightroom has indeed sped up considerably! It appears Adobe is sufficiently leveraging GPU power, in edition to expanding the utilization of multiple CPU cores to the entire app, and not just in the 'Develop' module. 

It's still nowhere as fast as it can be - native Apple pro apps like Final Cut are still a cut above of any Adobe CC app, but finally the Lightroom user experience isn't one of feeling like my computer is inadequate to handle it (the latest 5K iMac, mind you). I've been editing the batch of photos I took from the Taiwan trip a week ago, and not needing to wait anymore for the app to catch up to my actions is simply sublime. 

Excellent work, Adobe: more of the same, please.