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Instant noodles with bacon

During the work-week I tend to eat the same thing everyday in order to keep down the decision fatigue. For lunch my go-to is instant Korean ramyun, which isn't the healthiest thing in the world but man is it not the greatest comfort food known to man. Anyways, it obviously lacks in protein so to supplement I've been going with the beloved bacon. 

Not just any bacon, I buy the thick-cut ones Costco sells as a two-pack. Unlike most people I'm not fond of bacon burnt to the point it resembles jerky: I prefer it cooked just enough with a slight browning to the edges, and the inside parts still soft and juicy. 

In the interest of saving time however lately I've forgone pan-frying the bacon and instead dump it into the same pot of water for the noodles. The meat fat and juices really augments the flavor of the broth, and the bacon itself has the consistency of braised meat. Pair it with kimchi and it's fantastic as hell. 

It's easy to make, too: bring water to a boil, add everything at once, and when the noodles softens it's ready to eat.