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I'm here so I won't get fined - 10 things I think


1. You'd think after nearly a decade of driving I should've got down the whole placement of the feet in relations to the pedals. Unfortunately, turns out I've been doing it incorrectly this entire time. Instead of placing the heel of my right foot in between the accelerator and brake pedal, I placed it to the left of the brake pedal.

No wonder often times I feel like I don't have enough leverage in operating the go-pedal: I had to overextend the pivot every single time. Now that I've corrected this ergonomic mistake, it's like discovering the joy of driving all over again. 

2. Bicyclists need to figure out exactly what they want to be classified as: a mode of transport akin to a motor vehicle, or something more akin to walking pedestrians. It seems most would prefer the former, in which case I say all bikes should follow the same rules as cars. That means you, the cyclists, don't get to take shortcuts at red lights, nor can you forsake completely the right-of-way system. 

Bicyclists want to be treated like cars with full rights to the road, they must then act like one, too - at all times. 

3. In some ways I'm quite pissed the MK7 Volkswagen Golf range garnered all sorts of accolades from the North American automotive press. It seems everybody had forgotten that Americans got our hands of the MK7 Golf some year and a half after our cousins over in Europe. There's no reasonable explanation the largest automotive market on the planet essentially got the MK7 Golf last. I don't think Volkswagen should then be rewarded for it with all the awards.

4. I'm so excited about Top Gear UK's return to the televisions after a year hiatus - and a 10 episodes series at that. Sundays are going to be an absolutely blast for the next nine weeks. I'm most looking forward to the one where Richard is absconded on some remote Arctic mountain up in Canada, and the only rescue due to arrive is Jeremy and James in American pickup trucks.

5. I wonder the logic and brain machination that went on in the head of the person who first decided it would be an excellent idea to go racing for twenty four straight hours. It must have been absolutely brilliant - and quite bonkers, for sure. The ultimate test of machine and man: the likes of Rolex 24, Le Mans 24, Nurburgring 24, and Spa 24. It's on my personally lists to attend one if not all of those races in the future. 

6. Tax time is the only time I'm fiercely Republican. Why is the government trying to take my money?! Alas, I can only take solace in the fact capital gains are only taxed at 15%. 

7. Klay Thompson scoring 37 points in a quarter has got to be the ultimate "is this real life?" situation ever. Heck, not even in the easiest of modes in the 2K game can you shoot and score like he did in that game. I've been watching basketball for almost two decades and that performance was something spectacularly never before seen.

On a side note, how did the Warriors end up with the two best-shooting guards in the league and they're both the lightest skin brother you'll ever meet. It's hilarious. 

8. Why don't Japanese automotive marques offer Japanese delivery on their cars that are manufacturers there? European marques have been offering European delivery for the longest time. I definitely would have opted for it when I purchased the STI if the choice were available to fly to Japan, pick the car up at the Gunma factory, and drive round/sight-see the island country for a few weeks. 

Opportunity lost for the likes of Nissan, Toyota, and Honda is what I see. 

9. I'm kidding when I say the news of SkyMall closing down operations is the first instance I've heard of the name SkyMall. The only mall in the sky I patronize is the wonderful Amazon.

10. Looking back at pictures I took during 2013 and 2014, I've come to the realization that for those two years I've been incredibly... lazy. I don't know what happened, but the motivation to do anything substantial seemed to have been completely sapped from me. A person should only sit in front of the television for so many straight days.

Lethargy is a heck of a thing.