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The perfect bus timing

Today after the work was one of those scarce and magical occasions where the bus came right as I arrived to the waiting area. Then at the transfer point the second bus also came right as I alighted the first one. I got home in record time, nearly as fast as it did driving.  

So I've been doing the commute via public transport thing for nearly two weeks now, and I've got to say it's been going really smoothly. I'm lucky that while the bus can get crowded sometimes, it isn't the insanity that one of my friends have to deal with in which daily his bus is so full he's usually squeezed-in right next to the exit doors. If I had to deal with that everyday I would've never sold my car. 

Indeed taking the bus have increased my total commute time by half hour to an hour, which is not ideal, though I claw back the lost productivity by tightening up my social media usage when I am at home. As soon as I get home from work I immediately attack the rest of my daily to-do list, where before when I drove I'd spend way too much time browsing twitter before I get a move on. 

A big positive in using public transportation is that I listen through so many useful podcasts - in peace. Not needing to concentrate on driving stuck in traffic and avoiding idiot drivers frees my mind and calms me down. I honestly don't mind the extra time it takes to get to work because I arrive with a better mental state, rather than still pissed off the asshole in the Nissan Altima cut me off. 

It's almost always an Altima. 

To the back of the bus. 

To the back of the bus.